Anyone but Blink Fitness

Blink fitness is in cahoots with Greystone ( Stephen Rosenberg, Lisa Schwartz, etc. ) to bring a gym that will, most likely, put other gyms in the area out of business while Greystone profits from judicial violations of due process.

Join ANY other gym than Blink fitness.  Here are alternatives that puts Blink to shame:

Crossfit South Brooklyn

Crossfit Park Slope

Harbor Fitness Park Slope

    Body Unique

    Triomph Fitness

    CrossFit Prospect Heights

    Crossfit 718

    Body Reserve

    Email us if you know of another gym to add to this list : 



    The battle over 225 4th Avenue (vacant lot) and 227 4th Avenue (Brooklyn Lyceum) is getting ready to heat up again. 

    One of many due process violations is set to be heard by the NYS Appellate Division, Second Department.  

    Date TBA.  (No date scheduled thru May 31, 2016)

    See you there!

    Judges we don't trust

    Reena Raggi - United States Second Circuit
    Carol Bagley Amon, Brian Cogan, Ann Marie Donnelly, William Kuntz - Eastern District of New York
    Carla Craig - Bankruptcy Eastern District of New York
    Donald Scott Kurtz - New York Supreme Court

    Sign the Petition.

    --Awaiting Oral Argument in Second Department on abandonment of claim. Email us here  to be  informed of date of oral argument.

    Our adversary : Glenn P. Warmuth who took over representation of David Topping and Arthur Cornfeld from Troutman Sanders as Troutman Sanders committed fraud and perjury to hoodwink Judge Donald Scott Kurtz  into thinking the claim was not abandoned.

    Not calendared thru June 24, 2016

    --Writ of Mandamus #1 - filed against Chief Eastern District (Long Island) Bankruptcy Judge and Park Slope resident Carla Craig

    --Writ of Mandamus #2 - filed against Chief Eastern District (Long Island) Bankruptcy Judge and Park Slope resident Carla Craig

    --Writ of Prohibition #1 - filed against Chief Eastern District (Long Island) Bankruptcy Judge and Park Slope resident Carla Craig

    THE BROOKLYN LYCEUM (aka) Public Bath #7 : Brooklyn's Medieval Town-Square.
    Designed by Raymond Francis Almirall who also designed 4 Brooklyn Carnegie Libraries & the Emigrant Savings Bank.  
    Markets one day, fairs the next followed by everything from professional wrestling to public hangings.
    Currently seeking to undo its own public hanging at the hands of a blockade of judges.

    We at the Brooklyn Lyceum are saddened to learn that Richard Kirkwood has entered a hospice in Lansing, Michigan.  

    This is far more important than than the Brooklyn Lyceum's search for due process (TL:NIRN)*.

    Please read further.

    *=Too Long : Not Important Right Now

     Lyceum fans might remember that Richard did a 7 month run as Father Mapple in a co-production of Moby Dick : the sermon with Green-Wood Cemetery directed by Joe Rosato also as a co-producer. 

    We can never forget the character and timbre of his performance that shines out as one of the top events ever affiliated with the Brooklyn Lyceum.  This kind of work is the reason the Lyceum exists.

    Lexie and Richard's family will be setting up a crowd sourced donation system to help defray costs and help those who love him visit as Lansing, where his mother resides, is far from his birthplace of Roanoke, Virginia or his adult home of Jersey City, New Jersey. 


    If you would like to contact Richard/Lexie, help or send him kind words and cards/letters or tell him you saw him somewhere (such as Father Mapple in Moby Dick: the sermon), Richard, Lexi and his mother would happily receive donations, cards, letters, etc at:  

    Hospice of Lansing
    Stoneleigh Residence
    3411 Stoneleigh Drive
    Lansing Michigan  48910
    c/o Lexie Levin 

    Please, until such time as the crowd funding site is up, make checks payable to Lexie Levin.

    Judges cheating to win ... Across the board.

    The Brooklyn Lyceum is fighting judges in State court, Bankruptcy Court, District Court and the Second Circuit over their repeated refusals to acknowledge or address alleged due process violations. It has gotten so bad that we have started a project to help us and others focus on judges that do this.  

    Check out and show up at a hearing when you can.

    Also take a look at where we highlight lowlife judicial actions.

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    Past Events ...
    If you want to support us in our fight to keep Blink Gym out!

    and restore the Lyceum as a theatre, send us a line at  or vist / buy something from one of these sites: 

    And, till this is settled,

    we will pop up at events and will generally  
    make Greystone and the courts toe the

    get bottles of our slammin' pre-drawn espresso done the old fashioned way so you can make your own iced americanos/lattes all summer long.