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Data Collider

Cranking up the Lyceum super data collider.

Something odd happened and we were curious how common this was.

SO here are the basic results as they go...

 The thing that happened in the Lyceum case has happened in 

Update #1 : 0 of 4 possible times for a 0/4 or 0% chance.

Possible Actual%
0 4 0.4


Brooklyn's medieval town-square  with markets one day, fairs the next followed by everything from professional wrestling to public hangings.  

Currently trying to avoid our own public hanging. 

Good thing Due Process and Subject Matter Jurisdiction are forever Greystone/Rosenberg/Simpson.  Especially since the Lyceum as a development shell is nothing like Simpson's Williamsburg acquisition.



Just like the Star Trek Voyager episode A Year of Hell, looks like we have to watch the system lay waste to the Lyceum for a protracted period of time whilst we work in the background to unwind some unwarranted (and unfair and illegal) meddling.  We believe we are right on the facts and the law and will pursue both till the issues are actually addressed and not just artfully avoided.


With regards to booking we are plotting to hit the ground running when the A Year of Hell is over and the timeline is reset.  So keep those booking requests and co-production inquiries coming.



The Brooklyn Lyceum is on hiatus due to a sticky legal situation and is only fielding booking inquiries till we sort things out.   

Greystone (the Borg) has joined the fray. :  

They are bailing out David Topping and Arthur Cornfeld.   I wonder if their CEO and sole shareholder ( Stephen Rosenberg  ) has found all the skeletons in the closet that were probably shielded from review buy Arthur Cornfeld, David Topping and maybe even Jean Miele.  I just don't see how they want to take on the outcome of the appeals that allege fraud and perjury.

We at the Lyceum have redoubled our efforts to deal with the upcoming hearings and appeals (7 current appeals and more coming) that revolve, largely, around due process.  Think repeated shortening of legal minimum times to respond without warning.  Each and every instance of those shortening of times vitiates  (destroys or impairs the legal validity of ) the decisions.  For those who are counting we think we are up to 6 due process violations, each of which will be dealt with vigorously.

We believe we are right on the facts and on the law but need to show that convincingly in court.  There are several appeals out in federal and state court.   One of the more interesting ones has a due date of March 10.

When we were in federal court (December 18), one of our due process challenged judges decided to give giant mortgage company a mulligan when they didn't bother to respond to our motion (" a clerical error").  To have lost the motion would have cost a billion dollar company .002% of their portfolio.   Not 2%, , not .2%, not .02% but .002%.  This was after the judge may cost us 100% of our life's work on being a day late filing a paper and by creatively avoiding the issues thereafter.  Well that was the last straw.  

Especially since these hit the airwaves....

Our judge implicated in some oddities at inner city hospital bankruptcy.

District Attorney gets involved.

We will be spending the next few weeks working with a few advisors and attorneys to make due process a focal part of getting the Lyceum free from the clutches of the Borg.  If you want to talk shop with us or offer intellectual support email us at .  

Welcome to the fray, Greystone.  Make sure you kick the tires on this one.  In the end your only recourse may be David Topping and Jean Miele.

For those keeping score (of reasons we keep fighting):

Core issueExample ofCourtesy of
13 does not equal 21due process violationJudge Carla Craig
7 does not equal 6 due process violation Judge Carla Craig
7 still does not equal 6 due process violation Judge Carla Craig
0 does not equal 7 due process violation Judge Carla Craig


Stephen Rosenberg 

CEO of Greystone parent company. Claims an honest forthright business practice.

Jeffrey Simpson

CEO of Greystone Property Development (area where the less honest and less forthright business practices might be more prevalent in "problem situations").  Linkedin has no knowledge of what he did between college and Greystone (2007-2013).  

His promo video for Greystone :

John Smallwood

Newly (?) hired, on the ground development gun.  LinkedIn still references sole proprietorship shingle and not Greystone.

UPDATE: Now missing from Greystone Property Development website.

Stephen Sinatra

Greenberg Traurig attorney fronting for Greystone.  They get to buy into a case of Attorney malfeasance similar to the one they lost.  I guess since they have experience losing Judicial Law 487 cases, they are better prepared to defend the Troutman Sanders 487 claim.

Based on his actions and commentary in the hearings they clearly don't have a grip on the legal issues.

Arthur Cornfeld Chief Legal counsel for the mortgage holder whose attorney (WIlliam Sander of Troutman Sanders) committed what sure looks to us to be perjury.
David Topping Looks to be the leader of mortgage holder and seems to have roped Greystone (Stephen Rosenberg ) into sucking up their legal bills. 
William Sandler Senior Counsel for Troutman Sanders caught swearing to one thing to a judge to cover up the action of an attorney (Sharon Stern) when that thing wasn't true at all.
Sharon Stern Seems to have appeared in court for Troutman Sanders without any right to do so thereby hoodwinking a judge.  Became a partner at Troutman Sanders after that but her linkedin page shows she was not employed at the time.
Christina Bost Seaton 12 Year Associate representing mortgage holder now who was billing hours on the project  when Sharon Stern appeared without the right to do so as well as when William Sandler seems to have committed perjury.
Carla Craig Chief Federal Bankruptcy Judge for all of Long Island (or the Eastern District of New York).
Stuart Freedman Husband of Carla Craig.  Partner at Schulte Roth & Zabel who seems to have handled the EB-5 program for Hudson Yards.
William Freedman

Partner at Troutman Sanders as well as probably a cousin to Stuart Freedman, the judge's husband.  That means that a cousin of our judge may be a partner in a firm we have alleged fraud upon and that the judge has artfully avoided addressing.  Add this to it and what would you think?:

Movies, Theater, Dance, Comedy, Sports, Food, Debate

The Brooklyn Lyceum


    To inquire about booking email us .  

    Music, Theater, Dance, Comedy, Wedding, Party, Convention (Small-ish), etc.


    We are plotting a regular children's theater, learning and music program for when this all plays out.

    If you are interested in participating (set design, directing or even bringing your own group to the Lyceum) email us  for info about upcoming organizational meeting.


    A ten minute play festival for the ages where the swamp meets the slope.

    Email us () a 10 minute or less play you would like to see on a Lyceum Stage.


    The Lyceum is Brooklyn's biggest theatrical stage.  Looking for productions that can fit into our schedule.  Interested in staging your work in a glorious relic?

    Email us .


    5,000-12,000 square feet of space for markets. Lyceum has hosted Comicons, Craft Markets, Mutt Shows and Festivals.

    Talk to us .


    We are breathing some life into our old series (Live at The Lyceum).  To start we will be putting on an occasional night of music.  If you or your group want to submit you act email us a link to your work .