the Brooklyn Lyceum
a once and future
theatre, coffee shop, gym and sometimes public square
future dictated by NYS appellate court affirming lower court finding that Plaintiff withheld from court that Defendant Lyceum had attorney
We can "MAKE --- IT --- SO" quicker with your help - Read! --- Think! --- Act! --- Appear!
Theatre in need of procedural due process awareness
because 17 !> 26.
learning about issues and earning stake/votes.
application/transfer of curatorial (programming) votes
Brooklyn Lyceum needs
(You only get the rights you fight for)
Read! --- Think! --- Act! --- Appear!
help usher
the arc of Brooklyn justice towards procedural due process
via inevitable
unwinding of the foreclosure sale of the Brooklyn Lyceum
as Court of Appeals
confirms throwing Plaintiff from frying pan (abandoned case)
into the fire (failure to serve any papers on Defendant's attorney):
STAKE in programming the Brooklyn Lyceum 2.0