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Old Guard still standing ...

  • --That Missing $450 Million Da Vinci Painting Is Reportedly on Saudi Crown Prince MBS' Yacht
  • --German boat captain Pia Klemp says she faces up to 20 years in prison in Italy for "aiding illegal i
  • --Three Hindu men have been jailed for life for the rape, torture and murder of an eight-year-old Musl
  • --Civil Disobedience Campaign Enters Second Day In Sudan
  • --People Gather In Hong Kong To Protest Proposed Extradition Law
  • --Indian Court Convicts 6 Men In Rape And Murder Of 8-Year-Old Girl
  • --US Africa envoy to visit Sudan amid crisis to encourage talks
  • --Brazil justice minister Sergio Moro denies conspiring against Lula
  • --Iran has increased production of enriched uranium - IAEA
  • --Judge says Missouri's only abortion clinic can remain open for now
  • --Former NFL star Kellen Winslow Jr. convicted of raping 58-year-old homeless woman in California
  • --Former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz flown to Boston after being shot in Dominican Republic

Indie news of note ...

  • --Walk-ins Welcome. No fee. Stop by 535 Carlton, you might find an apartment.
  • --Newsday: "Racegoers [who are hockey fans!] support the Islanders' proposed new arena at Belmont Park
  • --A rising chance (if not this year) for sports betting at venues like Barclays Center
  • --Discussing Alaska’s Long History of Sexual Violence Is One Step Toward Seeking Solutions
  • --“Your Default Position Should Be Skepticism” and Other Advice for Data Journalists From Hadley Wickh
  • --As Illinois Expands Gambling, It Will Also Try to Determine How Many Gambling Addicts It Has
  • --Special Election Marked a Political Milestone Long in Coming for NYC’s Haitians
  • --What is a Public Bank and Does NYC Need One?
  • --Opinion: City Must Invest in Bold Housing Solutions Like Community Land Trusts

Science feeds of note ...

  • --Genealogy companies could struggle to keep clients’ data from police
  • --Some fungi trade phosphorus with plants like savvy stockbrokers
  • --The U.S. is still using many pesticides that are banned in other countries
  • --Facebook Turned Off Search Features Used To Catch War Criminals, Child Predators, And Other Bad Acto
  • --Kim Dotcom In Final Bid To Halt Extradition
  • --Google Maps Will Tell You If Your Taxi Driver Is Veering Off Course To Rack Up a Higher Fare
  • --A new candidate for dark matter and a way to detect it
  • --How cryptocurrency discussions spread
  • --The mantis shrimp's perfect shield
  • --Antarctica's mysterious ice holes are finally making sense
  • --It’s time to delete most of your apps
  • --Pay what you want for 40 hours of Microsoft Excel training

Evolution feeds of note ...

  • --What Bret Weinstein Gets Wrong About Group Selection
  • --The Physical Activity Mismatch: Can Evolutionary Perspectives Inform Exercise Recommendations?
  • --Public Health and Evolutionary Mismatch: The Tragedy of Unnecessary Suffering and Death
  • --Temporal Instability of Evidence Base: A Threat to Policy Making?
  • --Shell Loss in Cephalopods: Trigger for, or By-Product of, the Evolution of Intelligence? A Reply to
  • --Balancing the Benefits of Optimism and Pessimism in Conservation: a Response to Kidd, Bekessy, and G
  • --A natural toroidal microswimmer with a rotary eukaryotic flagellum
  • --Adaptation to local climate in multi-trait space: evidence from silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) popula
  • --Chronicles of an adaptive radiation
  • --Phenotypic Plasticity, Developmental Instability, and Robustness: The Concepts and How They Are Conn
  • --The Synarcual of the Little Skate, Leucoraja erinacea: Novel Development Among the Vertebrates
  • --How the Devil Ray Got Its Horns: The Evolution and Development of Cephalic Lobes in Myliobatid Sting

Espresso feeds of note ...

  • --How Does Moisture Content Affect Coffee Roasters?
  • --Un Recorrido Por Las Tiendas de Café de Valencia, España
  • --Guía de Tueste: Cómo Resaltar el Dulzor en el Café Descafeinado
  • --Black coffee and dark chocolate
  • --I want to make a good espresso setup with a budget of around 2000$. What should I get?
  • --Found the blueberries
  • --There’s A New Training Program To Prepare Refugees For Jobs In Coffee
  • --A Coffee Drinker’s Guide To Connecticut
  • --Coffee Design: Motel Beer & Coffee In Berlin
  • --A Guide to 15 of My Favorite L.A. Coffee Shops
  • --hopper.: Duh…Coffee is Cancer Free, Polar Fracking, The Controversy of Topping Up, Coffee’s Deepeest
  • --Eight Things in Coffee and Culture To Do This June