Courtesy of inexorable espresso evolution
SWASLU espesso the need?
SWASLU the speed!
Waiting since the Permian ...

for a reason to get out of the muck. is that reason.

Where evolution failed us, your trilobite overlords, science and taste buds let you nouveau upstart species enjoy life (espresso) more than we did at the bottom of a mucky ocean eating all we bumped into until we developed the first eyes. Yes, the food tasted so bad we developed these multi-lens eyes to avoid things that taste like, well, scum.

Think FEED before FIGHT or FLIGHT.

Born in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when power was at a minimum, the SwampSlurry process extracts all it can, far more than the local super-barista can hope to pull in a busy shop with far too many variables to manage the process in any meaningful way.

SwaSlu hones in on Stealth Roasts, processes the roasts into shots and then flash cools them for later use preserving the vital taste characteristics for later use whether that use is at home, in cafes and restaurants, or on the road at markets and fairs.  Think of it as a wine cellar of espresso roasts.

Swaslu  ( is the roadshow.

SWASLU is coming ....

To an event near you.

Sample the SWASLU Stealth Roasts.

Sample our espresso accoutrements (chocolates, biscotti, pastries, other goodies).

Pick up some cool knick-knacks.

Plot an order :)

On the road again ...

A 300,000,000 year run and still we had no good coffee nearby (bottom of the sea, and, later, top of the continental shelf), and transport was worse than glacial.

Especially nothing we could bring to the cozy depths and enjoy at our leisure.

After a hundred million years or so, we left the deepest depths to soak up the sunshine in the shallower climates.

Still no good coffee.  

We waited ... and waited ... and waited .... epochs go by.

We waited so long extinction was a clear possibility (hint, it mostly happened).

A few of us survived an apocalypse or twelve, and we are back ... for Americanos (or espressos for those who need the unfiltered jolt).

But we won't get caught in without the elixer again (Won't get fooled again!).

To that end we are kicking the tires of a slick exo-exo-skeleton (vehicle) so we can widely and freely share the Stealth Roasts in style protected from those fishes with the giant teeth that caused us so much suffering so many epochs ago. 

Stealth Roasts coming in 2019 to swamps and markets near you!