Courtesy of future Lyceum events
what may come again
old events make a comeback - some favorites and some things a bit ahead of their time


  • Whereas, the Brooklyn Lyceum (again) exists; and
  • Whereas, Saturdays are magical nights; and
  • Whereas, scribes weave magical short spells; and
  • Whereas, scribes need stage these shorts; and
  • Whereas, the Gowanus was once a swamp;
  • Let it be known, SWAMP-KING is Baaaaack!
  • A one-shot only chance to see new work by exciting playwrights. 
  • To such a noble end we need your works. Short works.
  • You, scribe, should submit your work (in written form).


  • All works must be sent via ether messenger of email, messenger or carrier pigeon.
  • They must be one sixth of an hour or less, lest you be ignored.
  • They must be simply staged for we have a simple stage in a glorious relic.
  • Once selected, bring yon assemblage to the lower reach of the Slope in the county of Kings.
  • On the appointed Saturday, you will be afforded one hour of time to practice.
  • Later that evening your team will perform the rite before friend, foe and stranger.
  • If you are selected by vote of man and beast and management to be the best we will invite, nay demand your presence the following month to compete again.
  • You will do so until you lose or grow weary.
  • For your troubles you will receive a small stipend measured by the size of the house.

If Ye believe thy works worthy, incant them, bless them, and send them to

  • This festival for the ages is also for performers of other sorts, music, comedy, dance, acrobatics, juggling, .. etc.
  • If ye seek to be on the SwampStage  by this alternate means by all means also send a communique to

Drama, comedy, musical or monologue. No limitations. Just the good stuff.

Pray ye be summoned to where the swamp meets, and sometimes invades, the slope. There you and your appointed crewe will perform your work for enjoyment and review.

Wizard of Oz

The original work by L. Frank Baum was eventually massaged into a movie we all know in 1939.

We seek to do three versions... one true to the book and one worked to be kid-friendly.

A Christmas Carol

During a few Lyceum Holiday Marketplaces, did a puppet version of A Christmas Carol to enthusiastic  responses.

When the Lyceum rebounds, we will endeavor to stage a fully live version of this Dickens Classic.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

We did not produce it then, and we won't produce it now, but if they want to return after the dust settles, so be it. 

It. Was. A. Blast.

Long live Pig Brooch Theater Company!

Legend of Sleepy Hollow
A popular children's event, can't wait to get up on the horse again!

Improv Summit

A stream of top improv troupes NYC had to offer.

Laughed so hard we cried, on occasion.


A production we have dreamt about for decades now.

Rated the best science figure story ever.  

Will make a great play.

rocky: the musical

We were floored by the workshop at the Lyceum, not so much by the broadway versions.

Hoping to bring it home again.